How To Prepare Yourself to Sell Your Home

Planning Can Help You Sell Better and Move Forward with a New Purpose

It’s a wonderful thought, a beautiful dream of your new life in a new home, but millions of people aged 45 to 65 are reluctant to let go of the old one.  Money isn’t the reason so many people are refusing to sell their homes.

The real reason you and all those other owners haven’t sold yet, is because you’re not prepared to move onto a better life. People talk about feeling guilt about leaving friends and family behind. And they’ve heard the negative Nellie’s who talk about someone they heard about who is now miserable in Florida. All of that interferes with creating a positive vision of the new life you long for.
Yet, how can anyone feel good and confident of this transition if you don’t prepare for it? With preparation, the wisdom of this decision and what you’ll do will become apparent. With the help of an experienced Palm beach realtor, you can make a clear headed decision.

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Few Have Regrets about Moving to South Florida and That Should Tell You a Lot

Out of all of the people and clients I’ve known who have purchased a home and moved to Boca Raton, Palm Beach or Wellington, very few have complained that it was the wrong move. A lot of people haved down here. That means many Gen Xers and Babyboomers just like you somehow found a way to let go of their old home and welcome in a happier existence. Somehow, they found a better life to move to. And that’s the secret.

But what’s not appreciated fully is that you don’t have to give up all you have now (unless you want to:).  Your kids or grandkids and friends can visit, and you should encourage them to. You’re extending the great relationships you’ve built. You can still cheer on your favorite hockey, baseball or football team. You can watch them play down in Miami too. Everything changes when you move here. The pain, frustration, and misery of those cold, damp winters disappear. Palm trees, cooling breezes off the ocean, sandy beaches, and a mind boggling variety of restaurants await you.

Whether it’s luxury homes in Boca Raton, waterfront luxury homes in Palm Beach, or large equestrian estate for sale in Wellington, I’d like to be your preferred Palm Beach Realtor.

Wait till you see how you feel when you’re so relaxed. And then there’s the golf, deep sea fishing, entertainment, restaurants, shopping, social events, waterparks, kayaking, snorkelling, walking paths, cycling, and tennis. As you become more active, you’ll find your emotional and physical health return. If that doesn’t excite you, you must be in a dark place right now.

The variety of apartments, condos, and homes here will amaze you!
“Life is Good in South Florida. This is where you Need to Be.” 
But how to make the transition to stuck in an old house to launch into this beautiful life by the Florida coast?  Well, here’s 10 some tips to help you take stock, visualize, get organized, and follow through.

  • Have a Palm Beach Realtor do a market assessment of your house and property. The estimate will probably delight you. Actually, the economy and real estate market in your area is likely very good.  This is the time to sell and move to Florida!
  • Do a check of your health: consider how long you can sustain your current lifestyle and what the cost of bad health will be. Can you walk, jog, or ride your bike safely in your community? Does going to a park scare you? Do you socialize at all in the winter? How much is your health worth to you?
  • Do a check of your cost of living: commuting, auto repairs, food, medical expenses, home heating and A/C.
  • Do a check of your time spent in working and commuting
  • Think about your neighbourhood and where it’s still the place you think it is. Has it lost its charm and culture? Is it still a fun place to be?
  • Check out properties online in Boca Raton, Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Wellington, Delray Beach, and Deerfield. Buy in your price range. If you lack the funds and can’t take on a small mortgage, there are less expensive alternatives you might pursue.
  • Plan a vacation here in Palm Beach County. You can check it out first hand. There are inexpensive hotels you can book a room, and I can show you some of the homes here.
  • Check out Palm Beach online, but don’t get too caught up in the talk of shuffleboard, snobbiness and celebrity activity. These are cities with people who work, families who own homes, go to school and shop at stores, just like in your town.
  • Think about a timeframe. If you sell really quick this spring or summer (very likely), could you stay with relatives for a while, or rent an apartment somewhere? Could you take a long vacation somewhere? This is a transition so you might have some logistical things to sort out.
  • Visualize the exact type of home you want with the right layout, numbers of rooms and bathrooms, and what retail, schools, and leisure activities you need to be near.  Contact me so I can begin to match you up to the exact property for you in the right neighborhood. Your move to Palm Beach County won’t happen overnight. Be patient and let this happen naturally and you’ll make the transition nicely.

Take these ten steps to prepare for an exciting and meaningful new life in south Florida. Exciting new activities and friends to add to your collection.

The biggest reason people stay stuck is because they don’t have a vision of where they’re going. Once your new life becomes more focused, you’ll be surprised at the energy and optimism you’ll have. You’ll be filled with a new confidence. You may have felt it just before you moved to your current home. This time it could be really good. You never stop building a happy, successful life no matter how old you are.

Have a good look at homes for sale in Palm Beach, and condos for sale inBoca Raton.  Could Wellington be your next home? Here’s a favorite spot for equestrian sports enthusiasts.  Your kids will love South Florida. So many good schools and attractions for the youngsters! Learn more about United Realty Group here in Palm Beach County.


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